Register a Newspaper


The definition of “newspaper” in the Newspapers Act, Ch. 20:01 includes every type of publication “published for sale, distribution or other purpose, in parts or numbers, at intervals not exceeding one hundred days”.

The newspaper must be registered with the Registrar General before it is printed or published. All persons, whether natural or legal persons (i.e. corporations/companies), who intend to print and/or publish a newspaper can register the newspaper.

The Registration Process

Step 1: Check availability of proposed Newspaper Name
  • Complete and submit a letter to the Registrar requesting approval of one proposed newspaper name. Download specimen.
  • Pay the prescribed fee of twenty TT dollars ($20.00).

Processing time: Within seventy-two (72) hours

Once the newspaper name is available the application will be approved and a letter advising of the decision of the Registrar will be issued for collection at the Companies Registry counter.

Note: Step 2 must be completed within forty-five (45) days, i.e., before the name reservation expires.

Please note carefully the date of expiry.

Step 2: Register the Newspaper
  • Complete and submit a statutory declaration signed by the proprietor, printer and publisher of the newspaper indicating the following:
    • the correct title or name of the newspaper (as approved by the Registrar).
    • the true description of the house or building in which the newspaper is intended to be printed.
    • the true description of the house or building in which the newspaper is intended to be published.
    • the true names and places of abode of every person who is intended to be a proprietor, printer or publisher of the newspaper.
    • the intervals at which the newspaper will be published.
  • Submit the original Approval Letter from the Registrar;
  • In a case where the newspaper is intended to be published at intervals of less than twenty-six days, execute and submit a bond in favour of the State in the sum of one thousand TT dollars ($1,000.00).
  • Pay the prescribed registration fee of fifty TT dollars ($50.00), and bond fee of one hundred TT dollars ($100.00) where applicable.

Processing time: Within seventy-two (72) hours

No certificate is issued by the Registrar upon registration. However, a letter confirming registration may be requested.

The Statutory Declaration

  • Where the proprietor, printer and publisher are different persons, each person must be stated as a declarant and the declaration must be signed by each person individually.
  • Where a declarant is a natural person, the name, address and occupation of the person must be stated.
  • Where a declarant is a corporation/company:
    • the name, address and designation in the corporation/company, of the director or authorised officer acting on its behalf, must be stated; and
    • the name, address of registered office and incorporation/continuance details of the corporation/company must be stated.
  • The description of the house or building in which the newspaper is intended to be printed and/or published must be stated e.g. in terms of the following:
    • The number of stories in the house or building; and
    • The type of material used to form the structure of the house or building.
  • Any changes/corrections to the statutory declaration must be initialled by the person before whom the oath is taken, e.g., a Commissioner of Affidavits

Payment Method

  • Cash - Cash Payment may be made directly to the Companies Registry cashier at the Registrar General’s Department.