Incorporating a Non-Profit Company


A non-profit company, incorporated under the Companies Act, Ch. 81:01, is an association, society, body or other group formed to achieve some useful object, without gain to its members, which has been established a body corporate with the authority, among other things, to regulate its own business, contract in its corporate name, and acquire and hold real and personal property for the objects for which it was formed.

The Non-Profit Organisations Act (No. 7 of 2019, “the NPO Act”), which stipulates that no one may operate a non-profit organisation in Trinidad and Tobago unless it is registered with the Registrar General, deems a non-profit company so incorporated to be registered under the NPO Act. The requirements which the non-profit company must meet, in order to be issued with a Certificate of Registration of Non-Profit Organisation, are included in the incorporation process set out below.

The Incorporation Process

The non-profit company must be incorporated online using the TTBizlink e-Company Registration Service. To enrol for the TTBizlink e-Company Registration Service, visit the TTConnect website to complete and submit one of the following forms:

  • Form A - for natural persons conducting their own transactions
  • Form B - for companies/corporations authorising employees to transact their business

For assistance with this process, please email the TTBizLink Help Desk at

Using the TTBizlink e-Company Registration Service the non-profit company incorporation process must be completed as follows.

Step 1: Check availability of Company Name
  • Complete and submit electronically the Application for Name Approval/Name Reservation.
  • Pay the prescribed fee of twenty five TT dollars ($25.00).

Processing time: Within seventy- two (72) hours.

Once the proposed non-profit company name is available the application will be approved and a notification of the decision of the Registrar will be sent via email. This information can also be received via text message at a cost of one TT dollar ($1.00), VAT exclusive.

Note: Step 2 must be completed within forty-five (45) days i.e., before the name reservation expires.

Please note carefully the date of expiry.

Step 2: Obtain approval for filing the Incorporation documents
  • Complete and submit electronically, the following:
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Notice of Address
    • Notice of Directors
    • Uploaded to the application must be an AML/CFT/PF Risk Assessment Questionnaire (Please click link to download and complete form. Attach the form once completed.)

Upon submission of the application, you will be required to:

  • Print the acknowledgement letter (applicable to cash payment only).
  • Pay the prescribed fee of twenty ($25.00) TT dollars (see payment method below).

The incorporation particulars will be pre-checked and approved-in-principle by the Registrar. A notification of the decision of the Registrar will be sent via email. This information can also be received via text message, at a cost of one TT dollar ($1.00), VAT exclusive.

Processing time: Within forty-eight (48) hours.

Step 3: Pay the Cost of Incorporating
  • Pay the prescribed fee of six hundred and twenty TT dollars ($620.00).
Step 4: Deliver the Incorporation documents to the Registrar
  • Print and sign duplicate originals of the following forms
    • Articles of Incorporation Form 2 (duplicate)
    • Notice of Address Form 4 (duplicate)
    • Notice of Directors Form 8 (duplicate)
  • Print the payment receipt
  • Print, complete and sign the Application for Registration of a Non-Profit Organisation (Please click the link to download and complete the form)
  • Print a copy of one form of identification, a passport or national identification card only, of the controller(s) of the non-profit company
  • Visit a TTPost office and purchase two legal sized track packs; one self-addressed and one addressed to:
    The Registrar General's Department,
    Companies Registry,
    AGLA Tower, Government Plaza,
    Corner of London and Richmond Streets,
    Port of Spain.
  • Enclose the following in the envelope addressed to the Registrar General's Department and mail it:
    • the self-addressed envelope
    • the duplicate original forms
    • the original AML/CFT/PF Risk Assessment Questionnaire
    • the original Application for Registration of a Non-Profit Organisation
    • the copy of the form of identification of the controller(s)
    • the copy of the payment receipt

The Certificate of Incorporation, with the forms attached, will be couriered in the self-addressed envelope via TTPost.

Payment Methods

  • E-Payment
  • Electronic Payment can be made online, with a valid credit card or visa debit card, using the Companies Registry Payment Portal

  • Subscription Account
  • Subscription Account Payment can be made by selecting this payment option when completing the Name Approval/Name Reservation or Company Incorporation Application online (as applicable).