Delivery of Newspaper Publication to the Registrar


The printer or publisher of the newspaper must deliver to the Registrar one (1) copy of the newspaper free of cost, within six (6) days after each publication of the newspaper, in the following manner:

  • printed at the foot of the last page of every newspaper and of every supplement issued must be:
    • in the case of a natural person, the name, surname and place of abode of the printer and publisher; or
    • in the case of a corporation/company, the corporate name and registered office address of the printer and publisher;
  • printed somewhere on the newspaper must be the day of the week, month and year on which the newspaper was published; and
  • signed by either the printer or publisher, or by some person appointed and authorised for that purpose, of whose appointment and authority notice in writing signed by the printer or publisher has been delivered at the Office of the Registrar.

This notificaton is intended for general guidance only, and does not constitute legal advice.

You should seek appropriate professional advice and assistance, where necessary; the Registrar General's Department cannot provide such advice.