Registration of Charges


A company may create a debt (charge) in favour of another party(section 251-266 of the Companies Act, Chap. 81:01)

The company or any interested person in the charge must within thirty(30) days after the date on which the charge was created, deliver to the Registrar the following:

  • Statement of Charge Form 33
  • The instrument by which the charge is created or evidenced, or a duly executed duplicate original of same, or a copy of the instrument certified by an Attorney at Law acting in the transaction


  • Filing statement of charge (where the security does not exceed $10,00000)-$120.00
  • Filing of statement of charge (where the security exceeds 10,000.00)-$220.00
  • Filing of instrument containing of charge or duplicate, etc., pursuant to section 2552(3)-$40.00
  • Certificate of charge-$40.00

It is important to file a statement of charge within the time indicated above, otherwise application shall have to be made to the High Court for an order to extend the time for doing so (section 262 of the Companies Act).

This notificaton is intended for general guidance only, and does not constitute legal advice.

You should seek appropriate professional advice and assistance, where necessary; the Registrar General's Department cannot provide such advice.