Ceasing to carry on the Business


When a business has ceased to operate, it shall be the duty of the persons who were partners (in the case of a firm) at the time when it ceased to carry on business, or the individual, (or, if he is dead, his personal representative), to notify the Registrar General of such cessation, within three months of its occurrence by completing and submitting the following:

  • Notice of Cessation of Business - Form 9
  • Original and copy of death certificate and Letters of administration (if applicable)

Filing Fee: TT$40.00

It is in the interest of those concerned to file a Notice of Cessation as issues may arise with the Board of Inland Revenue, the courts and other organisations as to whether or not the business continues to operate.

This notificaton is intended for general guidance only, and does not constitute legal advice.

You should seek appropriate professional advice and assistance, where necessary; the Registrar General's Department cannot provide such advice.