Articles of Amendment

Articles of Amendment

A company may make amendments to its previously filed articles of incorporation. The following are examples of particulars to which amendments can be made:

  • Company Name
  • Liability of members
  • Class of shares
  • Restrictions on share transfer
  • Variations of pre-emptive rights
  • Restrictions on powers of directors to amend by-laws
  • Restriction on the business, the company may carry on
  • Other provisions

The shareholders must approve of proposed amendments by special resolution. The company must then file articles of amendment with the Registrar of Companies(the Registrar General).

Filing Articles of Amendment

Please complete the following:

  • Articles of Amendment Form 5 (In Duplicate) Fee: $60.00
  • Copy of Special Resolution Fee: $40.00
  • Director’s Resolution ( if amending the designation of a series of shares)
  • Certificate fee: $40.00
  • Other Notices:
    • The approved Request for Name Search/Name Reservation. (if the amendment is for a change of name of the company).

This notificaton is intended for general guidance only, and does not constitute legal advice.

You should seek appropriate professional advice and assistance, where necessary; the Registrar General's Department cannot provide such advice.