File a Notice of Change of Registered Office Address


The Companies Act, Ch. 81:01, stipulates that:

  1. at the time of delivering Articles of Incorporation, the incorporator must complete and deliver to the Registrar a Notice of Address of Registered Office, indicating the registered office address and, where applicable, the mailing address of the company; and
  2. a company must, within fifteen days of any change of the address of its registered office, notify the Registrar of such change.

The registered office address is the official address of a company and must be a full/complete address of a physical location within Trinidad and Tobago, e.g., 304 Robertson Street, Woodbrook 110702, Trinidad and Tobago. A registered office address cannot be a post office box or post office bag.

The registered office address is the formal address to which important correspondence must be sent and service of legal process (e.g. writs, etc.) effected. It is also the address where important company documents such as the Articles of Incorporation, the bye-laws, minutes of company meetings, Registers of Directors and Secretaries, are required to be kept.

The Filing Process

  • Download two (2) copies of the Notice of Address of Registered Office or Notice of Change of Address of Registered Office (“Notice”) from this website and complete duplicate originals of the Notice.
  • Book an appointmentt with the Registrar General’s Department to submit the duplicate originals at the Companies Registry counter.
  • Pay the prescribed fee of forty TT dollars ($40.00), at the time of the appointment, directly to the Companies Registry cashier at the Registrar General’s Department.
  • Collect one original Notice at the Companies Registry counter.

Where a person or a company fails to deliver a Notice of Change of Address within the stipulated time, the Registrar of Companies is entitled to collect from the person or company a penalty of three hundred (300) dollars for every month, or part thereof, that the notice is “late” in being filed (section 516 of the Companies Act, as amended by section 16(e) of the Finance Act No. 2 of 2013).

This notificaton is intended for general guidance only, and does not constitute legal advice.

You should seek appropriate professional advice and assistance, where necessary; the Registrar General's Department cannot provide such advice.