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Hospital Registrars Listing  

Hospital Registrars Listing

Registrar Name
District Name (Hospitals)
Contact Number
Ginelle Maynard Santa Cruz, Aricagua & Cimaronero, Town of St. Joseph, Ward of St. Joseph and Maracas Women's Hospital,
Mt. Hope
Uriah Buttler Highway
Champs Fleurs
Tel: 663-1897
Crystal Boodhoo Toco, Matelot, Grande Riviere, Valencia, Matura, Town of Sangre Grande, Manzanilla West, Manzanilla North, Manzanilla South, Turure North, Turure South, Tamana North and Tamana South, Tamana East and Tamana West Sangre Grande County Hospital,
Ojoe Road
Sangre Grande
Tel: 691-0007
Lou Ann Reynolds San Fernando North, City of San Fernando South, Northern Pointe-a-Pierre, Point-a-Pierre South, Point-a-Pierre East, Union, Naparima North and Cipero San Fernando General Hospital,
Independence Avenue
San Fernando
Tel: 657-4979
Jennylyn Barton North East Port of Spain, South East Port of Spain, Central District Port of Spain, Laventille West, St. Joseph Rd, Laventille East and Morvant St. Ann's, St. Ann's Ward Blanchisseuse Relocated to:
Ministry of Legal Affairs
72-74 South Quay
Port of Spain
Tel: 774-1234/ 739-1234