Registration of Newspapers

The Newspapers Act, Chapter 20:01.


Submit a letter to the Registrar of Companies requesting approval for proposed name: $20.00.
Statutory declaration (by proprietor, publisher or printer) to be sworn before a Commissioner of Affidavits, Notary Public etc.: $50.00.
Bond in favour of the State (if newspaper is published at intervals not exceeding 26 days) to be executed by proprietor, publisher and printer of newspaper: $10.00

Documents to be filed:

The original name approval letter.
Statutory declaration.
Bond (if required).

Incorporation of Companies (Profit: Form 1; Non-Profit: Form 2)

The Companies Act, 1995.


Step 1: Obtain approval for the use of the proposed name by submitting:

  • Form No. 25 - Application for Name Search/Name Reservation; and
  • Application Fee - $25.00

Step 2: Obtain approval for incorporation by submitting (Non-Profit only):

  • A copy of draft of the proposed Articles of Incorporation – Form 2;
  • A covering letter addressed to “The Registrar of Companies” stating that the draft Articles of Incorporation is attached for approval;
  • A photocopy of the approved valid name approval; and
  • A completed AML/CFT/PF Risk Assessment Questionnaire (“AML/CFT/PF” means “Anti-Money Laundering/Countering the Financing of Terrorism/Financing the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction”)

Step 3: Incorporate the Company by submitting:

Non-Profit only

  • The Draft Articles of Incorporation, which was approved by the Registrar;
  • Proof of submission of completed AML/CFT/PF Risk Assessment Questionnaire;

Profit and Non-Profit

  • Approved valid name approval; and
  • Incorporation forms:

    (To be completed in duplicate originals, block capital letters, black or blue ink)

    1. Form 1/Form 2 – Articles of Incorporation (with necessary schedules);
    2. Form 4 – Notice of Address;
    3. Form 8 – Notice of Directors; and

    (Each necessary schedule must begin on a separate page)

  • Incorporation Fee - $ 620.00

Step 4: Obtain a Non-Profit Organisation Registration Certificate by submitting on the date of delivery of the above-stated incorporation documents (Non-Profit only):

Non-Profit only

  • A completed registration form (Form 1); and
  • A copy of photo identification of the controller of the NPO (ID Card or Passport only)

Beneficial Ownership Disclosure

For information on Beneficial Ownership, please click the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Process Map for Ascertaining and Obtaining Beneficial Ownership Information

Form 45 Instructional Guide

Process Map for Submitting a Document at the Companies Registry

Registration of External Company

The requirements of Section 318 of the Companies Act
This service is provided at the Registrar General's Department, Companies Registry - Registration House, 72-74 South Quay (next to Courts), Port of Spain.

Documents to be filed/fees:

1) Complete Form No. 20 - $40.00.
2) Affidavit or Solemn Declaration to be sworn to by an Officer of the Company before a Notary Public that verifies the particulars set out in the Form No.20 -$40.00.
3) Copy of the Corporate Instruments of the Company - $2,000.00.
4) Statutory declaration by Attorney-at-Law admitted to practice in Trinidad and Tobago (Form No. 32) to be furnished - $40.00.
5) Power of Attorney executed by an External Company (Form No. 22) - $40.00.
6) Certificate Fee - $40.00

Please note that forms must be filed in duplicate.

Documents required to be filed: (1) to (5) inclusive.

Registration of Non-Profit Organisation

Non-Profit Organisations Act, 2019.


Step 1: Apply for registration of the Non-Profit Organisation (“NPO”):

Please submit:

  • Form No. 1 - Application for Registration.
  • A completed AML/CFT/PF Risk Assessment Questionnaire.
  • Copies of the constituent documents of the non-profit organisation.
  • A copy of photo identification of the controller making the application in the form of a valid national identification card or passport.
  • Application Fee - $100.00 (non-refundable)

Step 2: Check results of application for registration:

Upon receipt of confirmation of:

  1. the approval of the application, visit the office of the Registrar General to collect the Certificate of Non-Profit Organisation Registration; or
  2. the refusal of the application, written reasons may be provided to the Registrar General, within thirty (30) days of the date of the notice of refusal, as to why the application should be approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration of Business Name

The Registration of Business Names Act, Chapter 82:85

Service point: Registrar General's Department, Companies Registry - Registration House, 72-74 South Quay (next to Courts), Port of Spain


1) Form (available at Registry) to be submitted to the Registrar of Companies requesting approval for the proposed name - $20.00.
2) Application for Registration by an individual (Form No.1) or by a Firm (Form No. 2) - $200.00.
3) An original document from the Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) indicating BIR file number of each individual or partner (whether a natural person of Corporation) e.g. Advisory Letter; or
4) Notice of Assessment must be produced to the Registrar - NO FEE.

Documents required to be filed: (1), (2) or (3) and (4).

Change of Particulars of Registration (Business Name)

Changes may be made to the business name registered.

Cost/Fee: Varies between $40.00 to $60.00, depending on the nature of the change.

Registration of Local Agents of Foreign Governments and Foreign Enterprises

This is in accordance with Act No. 41 of 1980. Customers must complete the Registration Form. Service point: Registrar General's Department,
Companies Registry - Registration House, 72-74 South Quay (next to Courts), Port of Spain.

Cost/Fee: $40.00.

Request for Copies of Documents

Requests may be made for certified copies or plain (draft) copies of all documents filed at the Companies Registry, except Certificates.
Registered number of documents/files should be produced.

Cost/Fee: $5.00 per page for draft copy plus $20.00 per certified copy.


All documents filed at the Companies Registry may be searched by members of the public. Registration number of business name or company must be produced when making request. Identification Card, Driver's Permit or Passport must be produced.

Search fee: $20.00 per company file/document.