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District Offices Location  


District Offices Locations



Address and Phone Numbers

        ARIMA         Pennywise Building (2nd Floor): 10-10A Devenish Street.

        Tel: 664 2117
        Fax: 664 2117
        CHAGUANAS         Corporation’s office: Cor. Taitt & Cumberbatch Streets.

        Tel: 665-5320 / 5601
         Fax: 671-7757
Diego Martin
        DIEGO MARTIN         Corporation’s office: 2-3 Orchid Drive, Petit Valley.

        Tel: 637-2204
        Fax: 637-4200
        MOUNT HOPE         Mount Hope Women’s Hospital Uriah Butler Highway (Champs Fleurs).

        Tel: 662-5764; 662-7006; 662-7156 (Ext. 2312)
        PENAL/DEBE         # 218 S.S., Erin Road (Opposite Mahadeo Trace)

        Tel: 647-6302 or 647-8307
        POINT FORTIN         29 Caanan Road

        Tel: 648-6715
        PORT OF SPAIN         Temporary location for Registration at Arima and Mt. Hope                   

        RIO CLARO         Ragoonanan Building (Opposite Health Centre),Cor Dougdeen and         DeVerteuil  Streets, Rio Claro, Trinidad.                                                                       
        Tel: 644-1004/Fax: 644-2796   
        SAN FERNANDO         San Fernando General Hospital.

        Tel: 653-4858/657-7619
        Fax: 653-5407
        SANGRE GRANDE         Sangre Grande District Hospital Ojoe Road.

        Tel: 691-0007
       SIPARIA         Corporation’s Office,  High Street, Siparia, Trinidad.

        Tel: 649-2334 or 649-2348
       TOBAGO         Bacolet Road, Scarborough.

        Tel: 635-0858
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