Legal Aid and Advisory Authority

The Ministry of Legal Affairs has oversight of the following Agencies or Statutory Bodies: the Legal Aid and Advisory Authority, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, and the Police Complaints Authority. Information on how to access the services of these Agencies will remain available on this website until the Agencies have made other arrangements for keeping their clients informed.


The Legal and Advisory Authority provides affordable legal advice and assistance on general areas of law to members of the public who are eligible.
Legal aid, advice and representation in court are provided by in-house Legal Officers and Attorneys-at-Law in private practices who are on the registered panels of attorneys attached to the Authority. Legal Aid and advice may be attained in a variety of criminal and civil matters.

The Legal Aid & Advisory Authority (LAAA) was established by the Legal Aid & Advice Act, Act 25 of 1976.

Legal advice is given on general areas of Law, in Criminal and Civil Matters including Family and Property Matters and Applications for the Grant of Letters of Administration or Probate where the value of the estate does not exceed $100,000.00 in value.

Vision Statement

The leading, dynamic organization, providing quality and easily accessible legal services to valued clients by dedicated Staff.

Mission Statement

To make our legal services accessible to persons of moderate means through loyal and competent staff, in a timely and professional manner, within an environment in which both staff and clients are highly valued and respected, and advancing and fostering relationships and networks with relevant stakeholders.

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