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District Registrars Listing  

District Registrars Listing

Name of Registrar
Registration District (Other Districts)
Office Address and Phone Numbers

Jennylyn Barton

North East, Port of Spain
South East, Port of Spain                             Central District, Port of Spain                      
Laventille West,                                           St. Joseph Rd, Laventille East and Morvant  St. Ann's, St. Ann's Ward               Blanchisseuse

Ministry of Legal Affairs
72-74 South Quay
Port of Spain
774-1234/ 739-1234                                  

Petra Hoyte

North Western, Port of Spain
South Western, Port of Spain                  First District, Diego Martin                         
Second District, Diego Martin

St. James Port of Spain, Carenage, Chaguaramas and Maraval

Diego Martin Regional Corporation
2-3 Orchid Drive, Morne Coco Road
Petit Valley
Marissa Walcott-Mc Dowell

Tunapuna,                                                  St. Mary's & Paradise Tacarigua,             Arouca, Caura and La Pastora, Lopinot

Registrar General's Office                 Pennywise Building,                       Arima                                     664-5741                                                       
         4 Brensley-Ann Devenish

Town of Arima, Arima East Ward,             Arima West Ward and San Raphael

Registrar General's Office                 Pennywise Building,                       Arima                                               664-5741
         5  Carole Smythe

Caroni, Eastern District Cunupia,             Cunupia West, Chaguanas North,      Chaguanas South, Todds Road and       Calcutta Settlement

Chaguanas Borough Corporation         Cumberbatch Street                        Chaguanas                                        665-6350
Nadia N. Alexis

Gran Couva,                                       Northern Montserrat Ward,                    Freeport, Brasso, Tabaquite,                    Upper Couva, Middle Couva and               Lower Couva

Couva Health Facality
Couva Main Road                                   Couva
          7 Ann-Marie Bebee

Cocal East, Trinity,                     Guayaguayare North,                  Guayaguayare South, Biche,                     Poole and Ecclesville

Mayaro/ Rio Claro Regional Corporation      High Street                                                   Rio Claro                                          644-1004
Veleka Bhim

Hardbargain, Princes Town,                      North East Savana Grande,                      South East Savana Grande,                     Indian Walk, Tableland,                              New Grant, Moruga North,                        Moruga South and                              Brother's Road Settlement

Princes Town Health Facility                    Circular Road                                        Princes Town
Navin Deopersad Papourie, Penal and Penal Rock Penal Debe Regional Corporation
Hosein Bldg. 218 SS Erins Main Road
Ina June Jahurie

Cedros, Icacos, Chatham,                            La Brea, Rousillac, Point Fortin                  and Guapo

29 Canaan Road, Point Fortin
Opposite Elections and Boundaries
Mona Bernard-Scipio

Morne L'Enfer, Erin, Palo Seco,                  Los Bajos and Santa Flora,                        St. Mary's Siparia Ward and Siparia

Penal Debe Regional Corporation
Hosein Bldg. 218 SS Erins Main Road
Beverly Phillip Waters of the Country Corner Duke and St. Vincent Streets             Port of Spain                                          625-3804, 625-3538
Charmian Murphy

Northern District, Tobago North,               middle District, Tobago and                  Leeward Disrict, Tobago

Caribana Building                                      Bacolet Street                                     Scarborough
Margret Irvine

Parlatuvier, Mount St. George,                 Tobago and Plymouth

Caribana Building                                    Bacolet Street                                  Scarborough
Lenor Melville

Windward District,                                 Tobago and Charlotteville,                       Tobago

Main Road, Roxborough
Apycom jQ